So Busy

– When I was in college and blogging, I used to say that there was a direct relation between how busy I was and how often I posted. It didn’t make sense, but for some reason I always seemed to get really verbose when I had a big to-do list (maybe because many of those to-do items were essays I had to write, so I was already in typing mode). I’ve been busy this month, but these days that doesn’t translate into more frequent blogging, sadly. A lot of the busyness is work-related, which isn’t exactly great blog fodder (well, some of the teaching stuff is, but I daren’t write about it), and I’ve barley even been taking photos of meals, since they’re thrown together after I get back from class (see the umpteenth veggie burger I’ve had this week above). But now I finally have a weekend with no plans… except crazy amounts of cleaning.

– One complete task on my cleaning check list is the oven. I’ve been meaning to try out this trick using ammonia to clean the burner grates, although it took me a long time to get around to it. My grates are too big for plastic bags, like that how-to suggests, but I found that a big Tupperware-type container could fit two grates at a time. I also used ammonia to clean the pans that go under the burners — on my stove, there are two long pans for either side, so I had nothing that they would fit inside. Instead, I sandwiched them in cling film (with ammonia sitting in/on the pans themselves), which I sealed along the edges by tucking it underneath. The trick worked pretty well for the burners and awesomely for the pans. No scrubbing! If you decide to follow that how-to, they really aren’t kidding about ventilation, FYI.

– I keep a tube of chapstick in the pocket of the sweatshirt I usually wear at home. And today I was lying on the sofa, proof-reading, and the chapstick must have rolled out of my pocket at some point. After dinner, I walked into the living room and saw pieces of something I couldn’t immediately identify on a sofa cushion, and when I got nearer, I realized it was the tube of chapstick — with the twisty end piece (and the screwy part that goes up into the body of the tube) removed, sitting next to it. What amazed me was that there were only the slightest of tooth marks on the tube (obviously, Henny had been the dismantler), and she hadn’t chewed it up at all. In fact, I was able (with quite a bit of force) to get the twisty part to snap back in, and it’s as good as new, now. I don’t think that I, even with my cleverly evolved thumbs and everything, could have separated the two parts the way Henny did. What a funny/weird/smart dog.

Look, it’s like a Pusheen comic about my two cats! Remember when Birdy was only leetle? I mean, really. Birdy turned two years old a couple of weeks ago. And she’s currently sleeping on her back, paws twitching as she dreams. Little baby cat.

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2 Responses to So Busy

  1. Celine says:

    Hi, I was just wondering where you found your comic-strip material for the zipper tutorial ! It looks amazing and was thinking of using for a school project !

    • Anna says:

      Gosh, that was years ago now, Celine. Even if I could remember where it came from, I doubt it’s still being produced. I hope you can find something similar!

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