More Cabin Times

This is my new favorite photo of Henny. We went up to the cabin this week, for some cold air and solitude. My parents’ dogs have lots of half-chewed toys up there, which Henny helped herself to. I can tell that Henny is pretty happy/comfortable at the cabin now, because when she’s on the sofa and I go into another room, she doesn’t budge. Usually, when we’re anywhere besides at home, she has to follow me everywhere.

It was pretty cold this week (Thursday’s high was something below zero, Fahrenheit), so there was no exploring the great outdoors. Mainly I just read submissions for work. But I finally finished this evil puzzle. I didn’t think it looked all that difficult when I picked it up at the thrift store, but everything besides the border and the barn was stupidly tedious. Puzzles (especially second-hand ones) are like any piece of furniture from Ikea that you’ve ever tried to put together. Right when you get yourself all worked up about the piece that they obviously forgot to give you, you suddenly have to admit, ‘Oh, here it is.’ (P.S. — I never do puzzles at home because A) I have better things to do and B) cats.)

I also watched TV at the cabin, and every station seemed to be running endless commercials for the season premier of Archer. I don’t generally care about animated series, but the promos made me laugh even after the twentieth time, so I tuned in. And now I’m watching the first season on Netflix. It’s smart and stupid, which seems to equal very funny.

My mom drove up on Wednesday to look at some shops and get lunch, which we did at Tobies. (I don’t understand why it doesn’t have an apostrophe, but it doesn’t.) While buying some bread at their bakery, I noticed they had a couple of copies of The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. I’m a fan of the VlogBrothers on YouTube, and although I’ve never read any of John’s books, I had to inspect these copies for signatures. Every copy of the first edition was signed by John, and his brother Hank put his own mark on a bunch of them, too. Well, one of the Tobies copies had both the signature and the Hanklerfish, so it left with us (in exchange for money, of course), and now I’ve read a John Green book. My brief review: very sad, funny too, two thumbs up.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love Archer! It’s hilarious. Season three just started last Thursday :)

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