The First Apple of Fall

– Look, the house is painted! Oh, whoops, a little bit of the house is painted. Dang it. Why you gotta be so tall, house? Still, I love seeing the new color with the bright white window trim. It’s a pain cutting in around all those edges, but it looks fantastic. I made a flickr set for my house exterior shots, which led to me looking at this photo of the garage pre-scraping. I think I must have blocked that from my memory.
– Excuse the horribly dry grass (it’s autumn now!), but here’s a photo of that same corner of the yard that I mentioned yesterday. The grape vine was much more leafy and lush earlier in the summer, but you can still see how much the cherry bushes grew and gave me some privacy.

– I accidentally had potato soup for lunch and a baked potato for dinner. Pretty unusual for me, since I’m not even a huge fan of white potatoes, but ’tis the season, right? Speaking of seasonal produce, I had an ORGANIC HONEYCRISP APPLE this evening. I saw the conventional ones (which I didn’t want) at the supermarket earlier in the week, and they’d stocked the organic ones when I went today. Never mind that they’re twice the price of the conventional honeycrisps and so massive that a single apple costs $2.50. I wait all year for these, and the one I had tonight didn’t let me down. I don’t even know how an apple can be so delicious.
– I spent several years being very ‘meh’ about the holiday season and all its various gatherings/celebrations. I’ve been warming back up to it over the past few winters, and I’m feeling slightly out of control this year. It’s not even October yet, but I want to put up lights and listen to my Christmas in Sweden record and eat too many cookies. I hate people who get all prematurely excited about winter! I am a disappointment to myself.

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4 Responses to The First Apple of Fall

  1. Tracy says:

    The house looks fantastic! What paint color did you use (if you don’t mind sharing)? We have a little yellow house that needs to be repainted soon and I’m looking for something a tiny bit richer and brighter than what it is now. Your yellow looks just about perfect.

  2. Anna Torborg says:

    It’s Dutch Boy’s ‘Polenta’. I’m using their paint-and-primer-in-one stuff, and although I like the end look, it takes two coats AFTER a coat of primer to look good. But the color’s nice.

  3. I love the color that you chose for the house, Anna!
    It looks quirky painted all the way up there(good quirky, though). Looks like it has cool bangs.

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