Pizza Rolls

– When I saw these homemade pizza rolls on Iowa Girl Eats, there was no question that I’d have to try making my own. I cooked up some onion, peppers, and zucchini with tinned tomatoes and seasonings, and I wrapped them up in egg roll wrappers with shredded cheese. Just like real pizza rolls, they exploded a bit in the oven, AND they lightly burned the roof of my mouth. So, two thumbs up for homemade pizza rolls. Now I want to try making mini crunchy burritos with the wraps.
– Here’s a cat story: I started locking them in the basement at night, because they were being too noisy (both when I was trying to fall asleep and early in the morning). When Booty was still around, I used to put him and Beany in the basement, but he would shout and complain, so I didn’t do it regularly. Beany would just as soon sleep on the sofa at night, and she’ll try to dodge me if she realizes I’m coming to put her downstairs, but she’s a stoic and doesn’t make a peep once she’s down there. Birdy, on the other, thinks it’s GREAT! She runs down on her own when it’s time. Every other thing about her is naughty, so this one instance of good behavior is amusing.

– Those donuts in my freezer are still good when thawed, in case you’ve been wondering. Eat, eat, eat. I’m almost done with my basement drawing, so maybe I’ll scan that in… some time.
– Because we had a break and the weather was nice yesterday, I spent many hours working on the garage — scraping and sanding and painting. The good news is that the new flat paint I got (I originally bought a gallon of satin, but I hate the sheen) is covering almost perfectly in one coat. The bad news is that after all those hours of manual labor, I just wanted to sleep all day today (but I didn’t). The worse news is that this weekend is scheduled as the get-as-much-done-as-possible stretch, and I’m already exhausted. Also, it’ll probably rain. But since my parents are helping, maybe I’ll learn that I’ve been holding the scraper by the wrong end, and it’s actually super easy! And fun!

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