Water Heater Day

What a day. I didn’t run at all last week, thanks to this sore IT band, but I decided to take my legs for a spin this morning and see how they held up. I did three miles without much pain, but I’m definitely not back to a point where I can return to regular training. Anyway, it was a lovely morning to be out (even though it was only 25F or so), and I got home, stretched, and jumped in the shower. Except, really, I stuck my hand into the shower to make sure it was the right temperature, and it turned out to be cold. I rinsed off as quickly as I could (not relaxing!), got dressed, and went downstairs to investigate.
All the water that should have been supplying my nice, warm shower was instead covering the basement floor. So I started mopping. After a main drain blockage and a utility sink clog, I’m no stranger to a flooded basement. And you know how older houses always have super-charming quirks? One of my house’s is that the floor drain is actually at the highest point of the basement. Standing water happily flows clear to the other side of the house. (Just to be clear, the basement is divided in two, corresponding with the older half of the house and the newer. It’s only the old side — with the laundry and other utilities — that floods.)
Because my gas company has a good service plan, they were able to get somebody out today, but I was given an eight-hour window in which to expect the repairman. Four hours into it, I decided to let the universe know I was leaving the house (via twitter, of course), and I took Henny for a walk. That worked like a charm, because I got a call from the repairman right after we turned around to go home, and poor Henny had to power walk all the way back.
The verdict is a new water heater, but at least they offer an interest-free payment plan. So that’s arriving tomorrow. One of the perks to finally needing to get the service people out here was that the guy took a look at my boiler and realized that it sorely needed topping up with water. See, here’s a shameful secret: the radiators on the north side of my house haven’t been working. For a while. As in, this was my second winter not having a heat source in my piano room, bathroom, and bedroom. It was just a little brisk, that’s all. Who needs more heat than that which can seep under a closed door, right?
Well, it turns out (this is my diagnosis, now that I know what the issue was) that when I bled my two big radiators a couple of years ago, I must have lowered the pressure enough that water wasn’t reaching the ‘broken’ radiators. I’ve tried bleeding them all (that is, releasing the air so water can flow through the entire radiator) at various points, but they never did much, since that pressure had gotten so low. It was only a matter of minutes today to top up the boiler, bleed a radiator, and repeat until they were all working. It’s kind of weird to feel heat coming off them. I’m probably going to feel like I’m boiling hot when I sleep tonight.
So that’s my big, boring hot-water-related story. Henny is awfully cute, though, isn’t she? That stripey shirt kills me.

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  1. W. says:

    I love how Henny looks like she is smiling so gleefully at you in this picture, she’s such a cutie :-)

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