In Los Angeles

Oh, hello. I’m in Los Angeles right now, and I might not ever leave. A) This is not real winter; B) dogs are allowed in stores. Of course, if I did move here, all I’d be able to afford would be the mankiest little apartment in a seedy part of town — nothing like Alex’s parents’ amazing house in the Palisades (they’re having their own holiday, so Alex is housesitting).
I was immediately taken by the little snack/topping station on the kitchen counter. There are four kinds of nut butters, honey, agave, crackers, almonds, etc, etc. Usually the big downside to traveling (food-wise) is having to go without the staples, but there was a box of PG Tips here when we arrived, along with almond milk and Ezekiel bread — perfect!

I’m on a working holiday, in a way, since I still have been doing the usual proofing and typesetting and so on. I moved my little nest to this area today, because I realized I could sit on the sofa and stretch out my legs comfortably. Alex works from home, as well, so it’s actually a bit easier to settle into a work routine without the usual household distractions.
Awesome stuff that’s happened so far: Went for a run down to the seaside and back. Ate a tempeh club sandwich. Saw dolphins jumping in the ocean. Sat in the backyard in a tanktop. Lounged in the hot tub. Got Menchie’s self-serve frozen yogurt. California dreaming, indeed.

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  1. Meggish says:

    Welcome to CA! Be glad you didn’t get here when it was raining 26 hours a day.

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