New Year’s Eve

Well, it’s 2010 in most of the world right now, but we’ve still got a few hours of 2009 left here in the American Midwest. Just enough time for me to do some reflecting on the past year.
I’m having a quiet night in this New Year’s Eve, which suits me just fine. It’s cold out, and it seems like staying in was the thing to do for a lot of my friends. As I told a couple people today, I could use the evening to look inward and focus on becoming the best me I can be… or I could watch silly movies with the cats. Movies and cats it is!
I did clean the stove extra well after doing the dishes earlier. Just a little something special for 2010!Anna to wake up to. I know that 2010!Anna will never let soy milk boil over, so it’s only fair to scrub off any lingering traces of how remiss 2009!Anna could be.
So, let’s see… 2009…
In January, my pal Rob came to visit. We went to the Science Museum and the Como Park Conservatory (the best place to visit in the dead of winter). I discovered dark nail polish.
In February, my mom and I took a trip to Fort Meyers, Florida. Okay, THAT is the best place to visit in the dead of winter. Temperatures in the 80s and absolutely nothing better to do than sit on the beach.
In March, I realized that the worst of winter was over, and it really hadn’t been so bad. I think that was in large part due to settling into a routine of going to the gym in the morning and then spending time at the coffee shop, working on my laptop.
In April, I went to the UK for the London Book Fair. Rob and I also had a week or so in Ireland. I met my nephew Rowan (my friend Em’s son) for the first time and decided he was the best baby ever.
In May, I went up to my parent’s new cabin (which they’d closed on in April) for the first time. It was still cool-ish there, even though it was starting to warm up in the Cities, so I decided I didn’t like it. I did a heck of a lot of manual labour in my back yard and created a huge amount of new garden space. Then I began planting various things to eat. May was nice.
In June, we had a long stretch of dry weather. My grass all but died, and I thought for sure it would be a miserable growing season. I made my first dress from a Japanese pattern and realized that patterns are much easier to follow without all that pesky language comprehension getting in the way.
In July, Rob came for another visit. I saw Elvis Costello in concert. We (Rob and I, not EC) went to my parents’ cabin, and I decided that I actually really like it, after all. There are trees and nice breezes and a cafe where you can get breakfast for under five bucks. And tiny donuts. I went back by myself at the end of the month to enjoy the solitude. We started getting much more rain, and my garden took off.
In August, my garden continued to flourish. My lawn looked amazing. The tomatoes started ripening and then wouldn’t quit. I spent another week at the cabin, reading submissions for work. Alex and I went apple picking and ate cider donuts.
In September, I had two patio ‘parties’. The first was an effort to get rid of my glut of tomatoes, and the second was to celebrate the amazingness of seitan ribs. I found a Minnesota-shaped cookie cutter and made apple cookies.
In October, I went to Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair. I had a really nice time, despite getting something suspiciously flu-y as soon as the fair was over (and my vacation began), and I also knit two hats. And ate my weight in pastries.
In November, the entire state reveled in glorious, above-average temperatures. I made a LOT of pumpkin puree from the pumpkins I grew. I started drawing little paper houses. I upgraded to a new version of Movable Type because of a dream I had.
In December, I started selling the paper house pattern downloads. Many, many thanks to everybody who bought one; it’s definitely been a success! I had one of my best birthdays ever, and I also had a nice Christmas-time, even with all the snow we got.
And that brings us to the present.
I don’t have much of a sales pitch for this, but I created a type of yearbook or annual with many of my photos from 2009. It sort of covers the general categories of my life: home, garden, cats, travels, food, etc. I wanted to have a hard copy of some of what I produced this year, photographically, and it made a really nice Christmas present for my family. It’s forty pages, full of pictures, and it’s not just a blog-to-book project. And it’s available here, if you find you have some holiday gift money that’s burning a hole in your pocket.
Happy New Year, everybody!

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5 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. I love that you cleaned the stove for the new year. That is very inspiring. There’s still tomorrow! (It’s less than an hour until the new year here, in Wisconsin.)
    Merry, merry new year to you!

  2. Mary Lecuyer says:

    I just discovered your site and loved reading it! And I thought the house pack was waaayyy cool, that I just had to buy it….I hope one of your new year’s resolutions will be to make some more of these and sell them. I just love little house stuff….Please?
    BTW, I was born in South Grove, MN and lived there for 13 yrs and remember the huge snow drifts….don’t have to worry about that anymore since we moved last year to Arizona – smile.
    Mary L

  3. Hello,
    For years after I had just sewn teddy bears by hand, I’ve discovered over the past year, the sewing machine for me. In my search for instructions for beautiful things I have found your tutorials. I would like to put a link to these instructions on my blog and also to show your picture of the “end product”. Since I do not want to hurt the image rights from you, I beg you to tell me whether you are agree that I copy the image from your side and on my blog with the link you use.
    For the new year I wish you happiness, success and creative ideas.
    Iris Grabowski

  4. Pixie says:

    Maybe I should clean the stove as well, a day late…mine is a suspicous eggy concoction…no idea how THAT got there. (riiiight). I seem to have disappearing silverware though.. how the heck does a spoon disappear?
    Love your blog, just found it this past month from following one link to another.

  5. connie says:

    sounds like a nice year. i like these ‘look back and reflect’ posts. happy new year to 2010!Anna

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