About Me

Hello there! My name is Anna -- if you're American, it doesn't rhyme with banana, but if you're English, it does. If we ever meet in person, you should try to remember that.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is a pretty good place to be. I didn't think so for a while, so I tried living in London for a few years -- there's a lot of British culture that I adore, but I'm happy to keep London at an arm's (or ocean's) length for the time being. Instead, I spend my time enjoying the Minnesota summers and enduring the long winters.

I own a house and keep a vegetable garden, and somehow I still find time to publish books. That means I get to design book covers and write blurbs and spend a lot of my time reading. And I get to do it from home, so thereís not much to complain about there.

I have two cats Ė Booty, an aging black and white cat (and the last of my childhood pets), and Beany, a much younger grey tabby, who reminds me that cuteness CAN make up for badness.

In addition to growing a lot of my own veg during the summer, I also enjoy cooking it. Iíve been a vegetarian for almost a decade, and although I grew up as an extremely picky eater, thereís not much I donít enjoy cooking and eating these days. I love to bake, but since I donít work in an office and therefore have few people to share things with, I try not to go overboard.

Photography is a great hobby of mine. Iíve gone through several cameras since I first started shooting, but I use a Nikon D200 these days.

If youíd like to get in touch, you can do so by e-mailing me at anna.torborg[at]gmail.com

About twelve22

Iíve been keeping this blog since 2000. Itís gone by a couple of different names, and I havenít made all the archives available, but I think itís fair to say Iíve been at this a while. The content tends to follow my interests, of course, and at the moment itís a real mix of food, plants, dťcor, cats, and the very occasional craft. I still find it astounding that people want to read about what Iíve been up to.